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African Mango Articles


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African Mango Articles

The African Mango may be the new miracle fruit. According to recent studies this super fruit can reduce cholesterol, reduce your weight and provide you with antioxidants. This super fruit may be a new discovery in the western world but it is old news in Africa.
For centuries tribes in west Africa have been using this Mango for its medicinal properties. The discovery that it helps with weight loss was purely by accident. It seems that in Africa this medicinal fruit was used to treat a range of maladies.

When the fruit was brought to the western world it was brought with the belief that it treated stomach upset than the weight loss benefits were discovered.
Why It Works
This fruit is very high in B vitamins. B vitamins have been shown to help control weight. Adipenectaine is a hormone that is critical to weight control and it is also naturally found in African mango. The combination of these two properties makes for a potent weight loss and appetite suppressant super fruit.
The high concentration of these compounds seems to be magical when you are trying to lose weight. The vitamin B speeds up your metabolism while the Adipenectaine will suppress your appetite. Sometimes having will power is not enough and your body needs a little more help to start loosing weight.
Weight Loss
Most of us know what it is like to try desperately to loose weight without much results, this diet aid can make the job of weight loss easier. The key is that you must also change your diet as well. With the addition of this fruit extract as a supplement to your diet you are already giving yourself a jump start but it is an aid and not a replacement for a sensible diet.
Adding exercise and a sensible diet will speed up your weight loss. This may be the answer that you have been searching for! If you have been trying to lose weight and are tired of being unsuccessful than adding a supplement may help you to get the results that you expect.
High Cholesterol
High cholesterol is dangerous because it can lead to heart disease and stroke, it is dangerous and needs to be addressed. Taking the extract of this fruit can help to lower your cholesterol. Loosing weight will also reduce your cholesterol.
You can use this type of supplement to naturally reduce your weight and your cholesterol. Lowering your cholesterol can prevent further damage down the road to your heart and help to prevent the potential for a stroke. This fruit can improve your all around health.
What to Buy
The fruit is very hard to find. It only grows in certain regions of Africa and is rarely exported to your local grocer. Luckily you will be able to find the supplements that are made from the fruits potent extract! The supplements are found in pill form and in drinks. These products are an easy way to take advantage of the benefits that this fruit has to offer !

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