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We bring you a high quality African Mango product that is produced within the UK to the correct UK standards.

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High strength UK produced African Mango

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From the jungles of West Africa, a revolutionary weight loss product has made its way to the public view. Having been used by jungle tribes for years, the fruit of the Irvingia Gabonensis tree has been discovered by scientists to hold ingredients that provide wonderful health benefits. This fruit that looks very similar to a mango is now being sold as a weight loss supplement, appetite regulator, and just general health increaser.

Before the western world was privy to its use, the “African Mango” was commonly used as a cooking ingredient by these African tribes. They often would grind up the nut of the fruit to cook in with other foods, as well as to make a paste that they would use to hold hunger at bay when on long trips.

Now anybody in the world who can get a hold of a rare African Mango can learn to grind, cook, and paste it themselves. This delectable fruit will make a great addition to any family gathering or community meal. However, for those who do not wish to go to such trouble, but who still want to experience the benefits of the African Mango, its extract has been made into a supplement that can be purchased for as low as $13 online. A variety of companies are now producing African Mango supplements, each with their own individual product specifications.

The promised affects of this supplement are many. The most common benefit is fat loss. It is claimed to target stubborn fat areas, especially the belly. The fruit is supposed to accelerate the metabolism, which in turn will cause the body to burn more calories without necessarily participating in any exercise or dietary program. Exercise is recommended, however, to maximize effectiveness and to put the user on the track to overall better health.

Another promised benefit is appetite control. African Mango claims to help your body regulate your leptin levels. Leptin is the hormone that sometimes makes you crave food and at other times makes you feel satisfied. By keeping you bodies leptin levels low, fat can be loss without the annoying hunger pains that so often make people quit their diet program.

The African Mango’s third claimed benefit is the high fiber content. Fiber is another contributor to appetite decrease as well as a internal cleaner that helps flush your intestines of unwanted waste. As another factor contributing to appetite control, the ease of eating healthily increases your likelihood of sticking to a diet and actually losing a few pounds.

The fourth benefit again relates to appetite control (see a trend here?). The African Mango claims to delay your digestion, making your body take a longer time to digest your meals. This in turn keeps you feeling full longer after each meal, reducing the chance that you will snack or be tempted to cave and quit your diet.

Unlike many weight control products, African Mango supplements bring very few side effects. It being a completely natural product, the nervousness and heart problems are not an issue as they are for many products. However mild headaches and difficulty sleeping may occur.

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